Monday, May 08, 2006

June 3 marks first batch of auditions

June 3 marks first batch of auditions

Philippine Idol wannabe winners, mark your calendars. Your dreams can come true June 3, when the first audition for the first season of Philippine Idol is set for launch.


Philippine Idol contestants should be at least 16 but not more than 28 years old on the day of the Philippine Idol audition.

S/He must be a Filipino citizen or a bearer of dual citizenship, one of which is Filipino.

In case a Philippine Idol contestant has dual citizenship, he/she must present the original and two certified true copies of his/her Philippine passport.

S/He should be prepared to sing two songs from the official song list found on the official Philippine Idol website.

On Philippine Idol audition day, a contestant must submit a completed Philippine Idol application form and two photos (one full-body shot or at least 3R-sized, and one close-up or at least passport size).

If a Philippine Idol contestant is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application form.

The Philippine Idol contestant should submit the original and two certified true copies of birth certificates and two kinds of IDs (i. e., passport, driver’s license, SSS/GSIS, school or company ID).

Good luck!