Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who will join Ryan Agoncillo?

With the naming of television host and commercial model Ryan Agoncillo as one of two Philippine Idol hosts, the buzz is starting to build for his potential partner.

What makes an American Idol host? In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Agoncillo identified some character quirks that he feels helped him clinch one of the most sought-after hosting gigs on Philippine television. Among them, apparently, aside from his seven-year stint as television host, are the abilities to adlib and deadpan spontaneously, to commiserate with ego-wounded contestants, and affect a unique, if somewhat corny, sense of humor.

"Call me Ryan Seacreature," the former Sprite endorser deadpanned in the interview. "“Or Ryan Secret."

“I’m comfortable with ad-libbing,” he pointed out. “It’s easier for me because I get to dictate the tempo. I’m not constrained by a TelePrompter, idiot board or script. I’ve reached a point in my hosting where I now know when and when not to bend and break rules and put them together in one breath.”

The question at hand now, given that he calls himself the "thread" that holds the show together (with the metaphorical jacket being the contestants), is this:

Who will be Ryan's Philippine Idol co-host?