Thursday, June 01, 2006

Philippine Idol Updates is choice of other Idol websites for material

We at Philippine Idol Updates are thrilled. Our humble blog is apparently one of the Top 10 Philippine Idol websites of choice, according to Google and other search engines.

We acknowledge ABC Forums for linking to us. We broke the Philippine Idol press release news online of the selection of Philippine Idol judges Ryan Cayabyab, Pilita Corrales, and Francis Magalona (given that Inq7 didn't have its online version up, we still did not choose to print the PDI article verbatim, and gave our two cents in the article we drafted). Thanks to starczamora, who linked to us in the thread Who's the Lucky Judges and did the right thing by not copy-pasting our material.

We also acknowledge another Philippine Idol fan site, Philippine Idol News, which chose to publish our 'Philippine Idol judges panel complete' text verbatim, without crediting us. Check out the screenshot from Philippine Idol News to the left and compare it to our entry. Thank you, Philippine Idol News. We're proud that, along with, Manila Bulletin Online, and Tempo, we are your choice for content.

We also acknowledge Philippine Idol's entry on Wikipedia, which consistently deletes Philippine Idol Updates from the listing because we are a blog, yet allows another fansite, which is essentially a Wordpress blog, to stay. We won't fight fire with fire. At the end of the day, we all work to provide you Philippine Idol information on the ABC-5 reality show Philippine Idol. Isn't democracy sweet?

Visitors to Philippine Idol Updates can rest assured they get fresh, original content. As the Technorati screenshot below shows, we post first, and with material not lifted verbatim off the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tempo, or other sources.

As writers, we work to create original material for a living, giving new spins on the same news. When you take our material and post it verbatim without crediting us, you are 1) plagiarizing; 2) robbing us of our rightful dues as creators of the content; and 3) being really mean.

You know who does a good job of creating original content? Empress Maruja. Entertaining and not plagiarized. Truly original. Good job! Take a tip, you other Idol fansites.

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