Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Top 24: The Juicy Details

No, we will not post any partial list of the confirmed Top 24 candidates. As much as we want to type it, let's also bear in mind that there are Philippine Idol viewers who do not want to be spoiled.

However, we can provide you some juicy info that has been circulating all over the Net.

As you have seen, the scenes from the Theater Eliminations will continue next Sunday, but there are reports that Philippine Idol will formally announce the Top 24 on September 3. They will check-in at Bayview Park Hotel beginning September 4, which only means one thing: If you wanna see them in the flesh, we recommend to lounge around the lobby. Perhaps you could have them sign autographs (and don't forget to share it with us!).

Technically, the Top 24 are not allowed to reveal that they are part of it while the Theater Eliminations are being shown. They are also not allowed to perform at gigs until the Top 24 is announced, which detriments several contestants whose performing at bars is their bread and butter. But once the Top 24 Eliminations begins, they can campaign whatever they want, however they want.

An online source revealed that the composition of the Top 24 consists as such: 1 from Mindanao, 3 from Visayas, and the rest are from Luzon. It is not stated whether the breakdown is according to residence or audition venue.

Meanwhile, the venue for the Performance Shows had a sudden revision. We at PIU were aware that the live shows will be held at PICC. However, we have learned from an unconfirmed online source that ABC-5 is tossing up between SM Megamall Cinema 3 or SM Mall of Asia Music Hall as its show venue. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We think that the change of location, if this is true indeed, would make it more reachable for the masses.

The Top 24 Performance Shows will be held every Saturday starting September 9, while the Eliminations will be held the day after (after an approximate 12-hour voting).

We recommend our fellow Idol fanatics to watch the show live rather than in television. Let's show our support by showing up and root for our favorite Idol hopefuls.