Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ABC-5 Happy With Modest Philippine Idol Ratings

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, ABC-5's entertainment head Perci Intalan stated that the network is very happy with the above-average ratings of Philippine Idol's premiere episode.

The independent AGB survey revealed that Philippine Idol clocked in at 7.7 points against GMA-7’s "Mel & Joey" with 21 percent and ABS-CBN’s "Rated K" with 26.7 percent; but towards the program's last 30 minutes, the ratings climbed up to more than 12 points against "All Star K’s" 21.9 percent and "Sharon’s" 15.9 percent.

Intalan explained that although ABC-5 is not "yet" a habit network, they view the ratings climb as an indication that the viewers stayed on until its last minutes. Read more about the article here.

Meanwhile, the impact of Philippine Idol's first episode was evident in many radio shows last Monday. For instance, RX 93.1's morning tandem of Chico and Delamar said that they were laughing in delight as they watch the program, their favorite being one reject saying that she will come back. "Magpa-practice lang daw siya," the DJs happily narrated.