Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Official Philippine Idol Airing Date

It's official: Philippine Idol will air on ABC-5 on July 30, 2006, Sunday, at 8PM. Its maiden broadcast is certainly one to keep us hanging; Philippine Idol is scheduled for an hour and a half of Sunday primetime.

Very reliable sources have told Philippine Idol Updates that Philippine Idol is the centerpiece of a powerpacked Sunday night for ABC-5. Prior to Philippine Idol, at 7PM, comedian Joey de Leon will launch his new gag show Teka Mona. [The same source tells us that Alyssa Alano, more famously known as the Keys Me karaoke tart, is scheduled to perform.]

After Philippine Idol, at 9:30PM, Lucy Torres-Gomez hosts Shall We Dance: The Celebrity Dance Challenge, the most recent incarnation of the successful ABC-5 show. The latest batch features self-proclaimed sex guru Asia Agcaoili, former matinee idol Jao Mapa, and 80s variety show partners-turned-competitors Roderick Paulate and Carmi Martin.

ABC acknowledges the confusion that resulted from the change of premiere date, and assures its viewers that the change will be worth it, because now, Sundays have gotten even more exciting than ever on ABC-5.

Mark your calendars! Malapit na ang Philippine Idol!