Sunday, July 16, 2006

Philippine Idol Premiere Moved Or Not: The Confusion

I would personally like to explain the issue about the supposedly moved premiere date of Philippine Idol.

Last Sunday, the TV Guide of Philippine Daily Inquirer posted an advertisement of Philippine Idol where it said that it will premiere on July 30, Sunday, 8PM. I checked for confirmation from the official Philippine Idol website as well as on ABC-5, but the premiere date was still July 29. I thought the ad carried a typographical error.

However, Monday's issue of Inquirer carried another advertisement of Philippine Idol on its TV Guide with the premiere date still on July 30. This prompted me to confirm the July 30 premiere on this site, which caused confusion among Idol fanatics.

I apologize that I got a bit carried away.

Until ABC-5 confirms it otherwise on its TV plugs, Philippine Idol would still premiere on July 29, Saturday, 8PM.