Monday, July 03, 2006

Philippine Idol Updates Pre-Philippine Idol CD Giveaway!

With Philippine Idol set to reach boiling point when it launches soon, we at Philippine Idol Updates would like to make the going even more exciting, with our first Philippine Idol Updates Pre-Philippine Idol CD Giveaway Contest!

For July, we celebrate Season 2 as we give away a brand-new, legitimate CD of American Idol Ruben Studdard's debut album Soulful AND a brand-new, legitimate CD of his runner-up Clay Aiken, Measure of a Man!

For August, we explore the UK's Pop Idol as we give away a brand-new, legitimate CD of Pop Idol Will Young's Friday's Child, AND take a tip from Season 4, with a CDs containing mp3s of all performances from the Top 12 until the Carrie Underwood-Bo Bice showdown!

And for September, things really heat up, as we give away a special Season 3 and 4 package consisting of a Carrie Underwood Some Hearts CD and a limited-edition CD of Season 3 finalist George Huff's Miracles debut album - autographed and signed!

What do you have to do? FOR JULY, simply tell people about Philippine Idol Updates and how we're the best fansite to go to for Philippine Idol information! The following actions get points, and at the end of July, the person with the most points wins the CDs, plus the winner gets a permanent link on a special section of our menu, plus the winner gets a special email interview on Philippine Idol Updates!

1. Posting a text link on the menu/link roll of your personal blog/website to Philippine Idol Updates - 1 point
2. Posting a button link on your personal blog/website to Philippine Idol Updates - 2 points
3. Posting a blog entry with a link to Philippine Idol Updates (about the site, not the contest) on your personal blog/website - 2 points
4. Posting a blog entry on your personal blog/website exclusively about the Philippine Idol Updates site, not contest (one blog entry only per day) - 3 points. Posting a picture of you holding anything that promotes Philippine Idol Updates (one picture per day) earns you additional 3 points! We'll post your photo on our website too, if you want! :D
5. Posting a bulletin entry exclusively about Philippine Idol Updates on Friendster/MySpace - 3 points
6. Making a signature link to Philippine Idol Updates on ABC-5 forums - 5 points
7. Posting an entry linking to Philippine Idol Updates on any other forum (PinoyExchange, DigitalForum, etc.) - 2 points per thread

What could you write about? Talk about Philippine Idol! Talk about the judges! Talk about the sneak previews on ABC-5! Talk about how Philippine Idol Update gives you updated news, honest views, and great videus (hey, it had to rhyme). Be creative, we could give extra points just because we FEEL like it!

To let us know how you've been doing, send one email to detailing what you've done. Include your name (or a pseudonym if you don't want to be identified), a mobile number, and a postal address to where you want the CDs mailed (if you can't meet up with us in Makati to claim it in person), and a list of the activities you've done, including URLs and photos.

A weekly update will be posted, detailing the Top 10 posters, and links to their websites.

So what are you waiting for? It's hits for your website, it's a great promotion for Philippine Idol AND Philippine Idol Updates, and you could win great Idol music! Sali na!