Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Mindanao Audition Insights!

More interesting people and events during Philippine Idol's Mindanao Main Auditions were uncovered in a recent article in Manila Bulletin.

According to the report, the judges put-up a "one song, one chance" policy for the auditioneers, apparently learning their lessons from the endless pleadings they have encountered during the Luzon Main Auditions. The judges also tend to beat around the bush in sending the rejects home since they find saying "no" in Davao Auditions to be quite difficult, considering what the aspirants went through after hours of waiting.

But what Philippine Idol staff found odd during the Mindanao Auditions was that the auditioneers backed out in groups, a lot of them begging-off even before the first round of pre-casting. Judge Francis Magalona attributed this to extreme stress and pressure, but some observers claim that it was mainly because of lack of self-confidence. They tend to doubt themselves after seeing some "good singers" being sent home.

Despite of this, those who received the Gold Pass were expected to do well in the Theater Eliminations starting July 31 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Mr. C singled out siblings Armando and Armarie Cruz of Zamboanga. "Palagay ko papasok (sila) sa Top 24 (I think they would make it to the Top 24)," Cayabyab said. "Hopefully, I don't want to predict, but hopefully."

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