Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is Drew The Supposed Co-Host? Network Wars Brew!

In a report by entertainment columnist Alfie Lorenzo, his sources in ABC-5 claimed that they planned on casting TV host Drew Arellano as Ryan Agoncillo's co-host in Philippine Idol. This would make TV history as two young and promising hosts team-up in one gigantic broadcasting event.

However, this plan was scrapped after GMA-7, a rival TV network where Drew is part of a morning show, refused to permit him to become part of a competing network.

Apparently, the country's major networks are beginning to be afraid of ABC's upcoming Idol search. First, we reported on ABS-CBN-2's drastic reformatting in the form of Pinoy Dream Academy which would pre-empt its supposed second season of Pinoy Big Brother, while GMA-7 recently released a statement that they do not need any so-called "program clones" to become successful.

In reaction to this, ABC-5 stated (according to a press release in Lorenzo's column) that they do not need to list down all the foreign and local shows that GMA-7 has cloned and retitled throughout the years.

Now it's official: ABC-5 is now part of the country's network war.