Monday, June 19, 2006

Philippine Idol Previews

ABC-5 is beefing up its promotion of Philippine Idol by featuring snippets of the PICC Auditions and interviews with judges Ryan C, Mamita, and Kiko.

In true American Idol style, crowds of aspirants were made to scream, "Ako ang first Philippine Idol!", while host Ryan Agoncillo waits for auditioneers to come out of the roasting room, ready to congratulate the passers or console the rejects. Pilita Corrales sings traditional song "Waray Waray" to a fellow Visayan amidst throngs of Idol aspirants waiting, crying, celebrating.

Soundbytes from the judges' interview highlight the qualifications that they look for in the first Philippine Idol, but what would be the most memorable is Francis M's quip: "Kapag sinabi kong 'Basura,' tanggal na 'yun."

But what topped these presentations is a teaser to Philippine Idol's opening billboard (which is similar to that of American Idol), with a triumphant winner on stage with hundreds of fans with the lighted logo of Philippine Idol on top. It simply gives chills on the spine.

Philippine Idol previews are being shown often on ABC's prime programs like PBA and Shall We Dance, as well as its news programs Sentro and Big News. That's a reminder to all Philippine Idol fanatics to watch ABC more often as the country's Idol search draws near.