Sunday, June 04, 2006

Idol Phenomenon Around The World

Do you wonder what difference Pop Idol makes in other countries?

As the pilot for Philippine Idol draws near this July, let's take a peek at other Idol productions around the world.

Let's start with our next-door neighbor, Indonesia.

The first season of Indonesian Idol last 2004 had its share of controversy. Its first winner, Joy Destiny Tobing, ceased her ties with both Fremantle Media and the Indonesian Idol franchise several weeks after winning the title due to contract disagreements. Since then, everything about her was erased at the show's official website while the runner-up, Delon Thamrin, a former salesman, had been promoted heavily by Fremantle.

The show's third season opened last April.

Next stop: Malaysia.

Malaysian Idol has both its highs and lows. Its first winner, Jaclyn Victor of Kuala Lumpur, became a household name. Her first album (which was released prior her joining the competition) was sold out within days, even if its price was tripled from the original.

The highlight of her career was when she won at Asian Music Festival in Shanghai where she belted out her winning song in Malaysian Idol, "Gemilang" (Glory). She also won four out of seven nominations at this year's Anugerah Industri Muzik including Best New Artist and Album Of The Year.

However, its second season was just as controversial as Indonesian Idol. Many viewers protested about how Daniel Lee Chee Hun won in the competition and was speculated that most of his votes came from young girls who make up most of his fanbase. Because of this ongoing debate, it was announced that Malaysia will not expect a third season.

Wanna go far? How about, France?

Nouvelle Star (New Star), the search for a singing superstar in all French-speaking countries, debuted in 2003 as A La Recherche De La Nouvelle Star. It is currently in its fourth season.

Probably the most famous among the winners is Jonatan Cerrada, who after winning the competition had two albums and became France's representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (a big deal in Europe), where he finished 15th.

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