Friday, June 02, 2006

Additional Philippine Idol Main Audition information posted

In a forum entry on a thread titled Philippine IDOL NEWS from the Philippine Idol Production Team on the official Philippine Idol forum, the Philippine Idol Production Team disseminated last-minute information on the Philippine Idol main Manila audition taking place tomorrow, June 3, at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Gates open early. The Philippine Idol Production Team announced that PICC gates will open at 6AM to accommodate early registrants. The team acknowledged that while contingency measures are being taken to accommodate the large number of Philippine Idol audition applicants anticipated to audition, slots may not be limitless, and encouraged Philippine Idol audition applicants to come early, bringing umbrellas, water, and all their requirements. They stressed there is no other day to register.

Festive atmosphere. Food booths from San Mig Coffee and McDonald's, among other sponsors, would be set up to accommodate contestants and chaperones' food requirements, and Magic Sing booths will be set up so contestants can even practice their singing. Radio booths from radio station sponsors Love Radio and YesFM will also be available.

Accommodation procedures in case you don't get to audition. The first 1,000 Philippine Idol applicants will be accommodated at the Philippine Idol auditions tomorrow, June 3, at the PICC, while the remaining Philippine Idol applicants who are unable to audition for Philippine Idol will be scheduled on succeeding days at venues to be announced tomorrow. Two shortlists may be created to trim down the number of Philippine Idol applicants who will meet and audition before Philippine Idol judges Ryan Cayabyab, Pilita Corrales, and Francis Magalona.

Philippine Idol Fast Tracks in other areas of the Philippines. The Philippine Idol Production Team also announced that Fast Tracks will be held at SM Batangas on June 3, SM Sta Rosa on June 4 and SM Marilao on June 5 to accommodate Luzon-based Philippine Idol applicants.

Philippine Idol Requirements.
You must be at least 16 but not more than 28 years old on July 1, 2006, and be either a Filipino citizen or possess dual citizenship (i.e., possessing both Filipino citizenship as well as foreign citizenship). Dress well and don't wear clothes with visible logos. You must also not be under any existing talent management or recording contract. If you are below 18 years of age, you need to have your Philippine Idol application form signed on your behalf by either your parent or legal guardian.

You must be prepared to sing a fast song and a slow song.

Don't forget to bring
1. Your completed PHILIPPINE IDOL Application Form (download the forms here).
2. A ballpen!
3. Two photos: One 2x2 close-up, and one full body (at least 3R size)
4. The original and two certified true copies of your birth certificate. Certified true copies of your Philippine passport will be be accepted. In the case of contestants of dual citizenship, original and two certified true copies of his Philippine passport will be required.
5.One picture I.D. (passport, driver's license, SSS/GSIS I.D., school I.D., company I.D. and/or professional I.D.).