Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Juday Pulls Off A Joke

FIRST A BREAKING NEWS: It is confirmed that Ryan Agoncillo will be the "sole" host of Philippine Idol.

Ryan's girlfriend, popular actress Judy Ann Santos, stopped by the Philippine Idol auditions last week and she pulled off a practical joke to everyone.

She entered the audition room as an aspirant with a hood covering her face. The judges (Mr. C, Mamita, and Kiko) asked the auditoneer to remove her hood but she refused and instead sang her audition piece.

She did her rendition to Kiko's "Mga Kababayan Ko."

The judges became a bit furious since she still hadn't removed her hood, but when she showed her very familiar face, everyone in the audition room were stunned and had a good laugh.

Juday got herself a gold pass.