Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stranger Than Strange

Did anyone notice something strange during the Metropop Week?

First, there was a technical kink at the opening number. Reymond forgot to sing the first line of "Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika" on time, creating a seemingly very long instrumental intro. Good thing the musical director Mel Villena is quick to recover.

Second is that the judges' comments were better than last week. They begin to criticize each performances (hooray!). I just hope Francis M picks the tempo that Hajji and the future guest judges would have done once he's back from Europe. I don't wanna be sarcastic in saying that the guest judges (from Arnell Ignacio, Tuesday Vargas, and now Hajji Alejandro) are better than some of the permanent judges, but hey, Idol do not replace judges in the middle of the season.

Third, Gretchen's daughter Dominique is like an anti-Christ personified. Her evil energy just permeates through the screen (along with her texting--and sleepy--girlfriends). I hope the PI staff would make sure to put enthusiastic viewers behind the judges instead (or better yet, leave that row blank).

Lastly, Ryan Cayabyab calling Jan his "Philippine Idol." I know it sounds strange, but I think Ryan had something else in mind when he said that. Since voting is still open, I don't wanna elaborate. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, please wait for the update of Idol Radio. Thanks for your support.