Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pilita Corrales: Prejudist or Just Plain Old-Fashioned?

Many Philippine Idol viewers reacted to what Pilita Corrales commented on some of the contestants last Sunday. Mamita's take on the contestant's weight and attire, instead of the vocal quality and technique, has compared her to American Idol's Paula Abdul.

Pilita's never-ending prodding on Pow to wear a skirt is slowly taking a toll on the lesbian contender as she is smirking while Pilita is commenting to punch her in the face if Pow feels bad about it. Meanwhile, Pilita said on Mau's song choice "Shy Guy" is that the song is ideal for a singer who is slimmer and sexier.

Some viewers think that Pilita is showing off her prejudist point of view, that girls should wear skirts and remain thin for the rest of their lives. However, we also have to understand that Pilita came from a period where lesbians and fat divas were unheard off (even Aretha Franklin used to be thin).

What is your take on Pilita's judgment?