Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jeli and Arms felt "slighted"

The domino effect of the new two-hour voting period has begun. Many sectors have reacted to this new procedure. For one, some viewers--and even some of the eliminated contestants--complained that this should have been done earlier in the competition.

Jeli and Arms lamented during their interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer that they weren't informed of the two-hour voting, leaving their supporters "off-guard".

"Not all of my supporters were able to vote within the two-hour period," Jeli said. Arms agreed. "
Most of (my townmates in Zamboanga) just watch the show on the big screen in the town plaza. Some of them went home after watching me perform—I was the second contestant that night—hoping to send their text votes in the morning," she said.

ABC's Creative and Entertainment Production Head Perci Intalan said that the contestants were not informed as part of the "dynamics" of the show. "The program becomes more difficult that way," he said.

However, ABC insiders reported that while host Ryan Agoncillo was announcing the new voting procedure, a parent of one finalist began tinkering on his or her cellphone. The parent was probably beginning a round of text brigades informing the supporters to vote right away.