Thursday, October 26, 2006

How can Philippine Idol be improved?

Lately, Philippine Idol has been taking potshots from virtually every sector of its audience. Many people have suggestions and ideas on how to improve the show, from technical aspects to voting possibilities. The show itself is still going strong, and is still an arm's length (Arms length, get it?) away from the other reality singing shows, but, of course, we, the fans, have the democratic right to suggest ways and means to improve the show.

Philippine Idol Updates correspondent Ganns Deen has posted two interesting entries on his personal blog, titled Saving Philippine Idol and Saving Philippine Idol (Part 2), in which he suggests many ways to improve the show, especially in terms of voting means, both of which have some aspect of merit. We invite you to check out his ideas and weigh in on the discussion.

As regular visitors to Philippine Idol Updates, what are some ways you think the show can be improved?