Monday, October 23, 2006

Second Non-Elimination Explained

In a recent blog entry, ABC reporter Jove Francisco dished out the juicy details on what really happened last Sunday. Remember that according to Ryan Agoncillo, the non-elimination last Sunday (the second this season) was due to the fact that the mobile network companies experienced certain setbacks.

However, according to Francisco, his candid conversation with ABC's Creative Head Perci Intalan revealed a deeper angle in this issue. Had the elimination continued, because the network is aware of the setbacks in voting, the eliminated contestant has the right to sue ABC. (Take note: each of the 12 finalists is provided with a lawyer by Philippine Idol.)

Franciso further asked Intalan as to who would have been eliminated, but he was tight-lipped about the issue. The reporter pressed Intalan, "Would we be happy of the results?"

"It depends," said Intalan.