Monday, October 16, 2006

Are We Really Forgetting to Vote for the Best?

Isn't it ironic that the best performer last Saturday was given the boot yesterday?

Reymond Sajor was eliminated, while Gian Magdangal and Mau Marcelo were at the Bottom 3.

And just like last week, angry viewer were pouring in on different forums (whether from the official Philippine Idol forum at or through, still furious at the fact that they just could not eliminate the awful performers like Ken, Jan, and Miguel. Some vowed to boycott the program, others wanted the franchise to be given to another channel instead.

Oh well, that's us Filipinos, we feel before we think.

I myself felt really down with the elimination of Reymond. However, I am aware that he is less charismatic compared to other contestants. At least, Reymond proved that his inclusion in the Top 12 was not a mere stroke of luck (in form of sympathy votes when his mic went off while singing).

Reymond's performance of "Be My Lady" after his elimination received a thunderous standing ovation from the Philippine Idol audience. His talent has definitely grown as weeks passed by and I think he will have his break in the recording scene.

Meanwhile, Ryan Cayabyab let his fangs out when he was asked to comment about Reymond's elimination. He said that with the best singers being booted out, what would remain of Philippine Idol? Singing nursery rhymes?

I was so glad that the monster in him is starting to appear. I could not wait for this coming Performance Night as to how he would put those underserving finalists to shame.

However, I strongly disagree at what he said about the viewers do not listen to them. For one, we do listen, it is just that no matter how much we try our best to vote for the best performer those rich relatives of some contestants will still have the upper hand in voting.

Second, the judges did not listen to the pulse of the viewers in the online forums when they eliminated some contestants who are having real fanbase, instead opting for some contestants who may be talented during the audition phase but did not shine at all in the competition (add to that they are not charismatic to the viewers).

Lastly, we do listen to your comments but they were just too lame. Good thing criticisms are starting to appear last Saturday (even from the very safe, but very funny, Mamita) and we hope there will be more. After all, it's for the growth of the contestants.

Continue to vote for the best contenders in Philippine Idol, which makes it easier using the vote PINs that are available in Netopia outlets. We at Philippine Idol Updates urge you to buy three P100 vote PINs (amounting to P300), ask the personnel to have the PIN codes printed on a piece of paper, text the [contestant's name] space [10-digit PIN code] (take note that it is case-sensitive) and send to 2339. The number of votes depend on your cellphone's service provider. Smart and Globe would yield 120 votes, while Sun Cellular would make it into 150 votes. If you want, you could allot those votes to just one contestant only.

I am afraid that Jan and Miguel will buy (I mean, sing) their way into the Finale. Let's not wait for that to happen.