Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Twister doesn't skirt the issue; Dingle bites the dust

In a tense and markedly biting Philippine Idol results night, "R&B Idol" Ken Dingle received the least amounts of votes and was eliminated. With Dingle in the bottom two was "Soul Idol" Mau Marcelo, and in the bottom three was "Hunky Idol" Jan Nieto.

Dingle was undoubtedly the most criticized of all 12 Philippine Idol finalists, having received less then stellar marks most of the six weeks he was on the show. Last night, guest judge Mo Twister - who threatened to wear a dress if Dingle survived elimination - reiterated his comment that Dingle was the worst performer of the night and should be eliminated.

Regular Philippine Idol judges Ryan Cayabyab and Pilita Corrales expressed their surprise at seeing Nieto in the bottom three, considering he had never been there before.