Sunday, December 03, 2006

Philippine Idol to compete in Asian Idol

According to a tabloid interview with Philippine Idol host Ryan Agoncillo, the winner of the first Philippine Idol will represent the country in an upcoming Asian Idol, which will be a showdown between Idol winners from Philippines, India, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even the Pan-Arab region.

Where are the Finale Tickets?

A lot of viewers of Philippine Idol are so excited to watch the Finale live at the Araneta Coliseum. Problem is, ABC does not explain fully how to get tickets. Both I Love Philippine Idol and its official website have nothing to say on where and how to get tickets. Although you could get tickets when buying the Philippine Idol CD during the mall tours, only one ticket per person is being given. Come on, ABC, we don't wanna go to Araneta alone.

According to a post at the official forums, there was a problem with the distribution of the tickets. We hope that this will be remedied right away, as more and more viewers are losing their patience.