Monday, November 27, 2006

Will Cayabyab's "Bribe" to Miguel Work?

Idol Judge Ryan Cayabyab admitted in a newspaper interview that he tried everything to sway the voters on his side: being polite, being frank, even reverse psychology (remember when he called Jan as "my Philippine Idol"?). However, all of which did not seem to work as more and more talented candidates get eliminated while the so-called mediocre but vote-rich contestants remain.

One of these contestants who have been receiving a lot of flak from the viewers is Miguel Mendoza, the youngest among the Idol finalists. He has been criticized by both the judges and the viewers for having that lack of vocal excellence, and yet he manages to escape elimination, even a place at the Bottom 3 (except last week).

After his performance last Sunday, both Francis Magalona and Pilita Corrales gave fair remarks on his Big Band renditions of True and I've Got You Under My Skin. However, Miguel's performance failed to impress the Maestro Musician.

And in a strange twist, Ryan Cayabyab told Miguel that if he doesn't make it to the Final 3, he would write a song especially for him.

Would this "bribe" work to Cayabyab's favor? Would Miguel's shedding of tears after his performance (whether because of Cayabyab's unimpressed comments or for his fan's show of support) seal his slot in the Final 3? Let's find out tonight.