Sunday, August 27, 2006

ABC Sets Philippine Idol to a Faster Pace...Finally!

Answering to clamors from the viewing public, ABC-5 gladly sets Philippine Idol to a faster pace. Now, we will get to know the Top 24 a week earlier than scheduled, and that means TONIGHT!

Not only that, the Spectaculars leading to the Top 12 will also be on a higher ante. Starting on September 2, Saturday, the Top 12 Men of Philippine Idol's Season One will perform live at SM Megamall Cinema 3 (information on how to get tickets will be posted as soon as possible). The public is encouraged to watch it live and vote for their favorites (through landline or text messaging) to show their support for the show. And then on the day after, September 3, the four guys with the lowest votes will get the boot.

Following the trend, this is what the Spectaculars would be scheduled:

SEPTEMBER 2 - Top 12 Male Performance
SEPTEMBER 3 - Top 12 Male Eliminations (4 with lowest votes eliminated)

SEPTEMBER 9 - Top 12 Female Performance
SEPTEMBER 10 - Top 12 Female Eliminations (4 with lowest votes eliminated)

SEPTEMBER 16 - Top 16 (Male and Female) Performance
SEPTEMBER 17 - Top 16 (Male and Female) Eliminations (4 with lowest votes eliminated)

By the time the Top 12 is announced, this is where the competition really heats up. One will be eliminated every week, each performing with all passion and heart, all vying to win your affection.

The judges will not save them, the contenders will not vote for a potential threat.