Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mau's Statement: Frustration or Sarcasm?

"Ano ka ba? Hindi ito singing contest...pagandahan. Joke!"

During the Results Show of the Wildcard Round, only one slot remained in contention after Ken, Steph, and Gian, were all became eligible for the Top 12.

Ryan A called Suey and Mau, whose fates were not yet known. Suey tried to break the tension

SUEY: Bakit niyo ako pinatabi kay Mau?

MAU: Kasi maganda ka.

SUEY: Eh Idol kita eh.

Mau replied with probably the most controversial quote yet in Philippine Idol.

It received a thunderous applause and laughter, especially from Mr. C who had been so visibly frustrated with the results of the Top 12.

A lot of debate and argument have been going on in different online forums regarding Mau's statement. Some say it was a way of outbursting her frustration over the voting process, while others say that it is a sign of arrogance.

How about our PIU readers? What do you think about this issue?