Monday, September 11, 2006

Insider Report: Girls' Perfomance Night

Philippine Idol Updates is pleased to present to you a report from one of our contributors who have watched the Girls' Live Performance last Saturday and yesterday's Results Show. You may now take the floor:

Hello everyone! I got the one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch the Girls' Semi-Finals last Saturday at SM Megamall Cinema 3 (which is now being called "Philippine Idol Theater"). I am telling you now, it's much...much better to watch Philippine Idol live.

The live show is actually on a "by invitation" basis. I got my ticket from a colleague who works at ABC-5. However, you can watch the show live (and free of charge) even without a ticket! You can either volunteer as a supporter for a certain contestant (make sure you make banners of support for you favorite Idol) or wait until all the ticket holders get in (wherein you occupy the remaining vacant seats and certain spaces such as the stairs).

The live event began with a pep rally. The speaker named Joseph tried her best (yeah, you got that right; Joseph is a "she") to motivate the crowd. She reminded everyone not to appalud at the beginning of the show, only to break out and clap to your heart's desire eventime the jingle of Philippine Idol is being played.

The audience can tell that host Ryan Agoncillo was very nervous before the show. He called on to the audience to applaud. "Pampatanggal nerbyos," he said.

Here are other notable off-cam moments during the Girls' Performance Night:

* Before the show, an audience shouted, "I love you, Ryan!" In jest, Ryan answered, "I love you, too!" Then the audience shouted, "Ryan Cayabyab!" The people in the cinema were laughing and applauding on that joke.

* Ting Otero actually tripped on stage during the roll call of the female finalists. Her right shoe simply slipped off her feet, and it took a while before she put it back on.

* At first I thought Erika's fans were not that many, not until a lot of people were wearing yellow t-shirts with "Go EJ!" on it.

* Aside from Erika, Apple also has a huge amount of banner-carrying supporters. So many, some were even at the balcony. So is Pow's team of supporters, shouting "Pow power!"

* Meanwhile, Armarie had the fewest supporters that night. I guess a lot of her relatives from Zamboanga were yet to arrive.

* A lot of Gold Passers were watching the show, the most prominent ones were John Perrey (the guys who taught the hula dance) and Jaime Barcelon (the former Julliard scholar, who looked a litle bit chubbier, and a little bit cuter, that night).

* Jeffrey Santos, the guy who shocked Pilita with his trumpet playing, was spotted wearing a purple gown as part of his I *Heart* Philippine Idol segment. By the way, his hair is really natural curls.

* During Pow's performance of "Ikaw Laman," someone was peeking through the wing curtains. It ws Jelli! Hmmm... I wonder why.

Tune in tomorrow for more insider info during the Results Show.