Sunday, September 10, 2006

Philippine Idol results: First Final 4 from the girls

The women start by singing Larger Than Life.

We’re reminded about last night’s performances in their order, as well as some judges’ comments - Gail Blanco, Ting Otero, Ynah Pangan, Apple Chiu, Jeli Mateo, Ira Marasigan, Pow Chavez, Stef Lazaro, Mau Marcelo, EJ Bautista, Suey Medina, and Arms Cruz – then we’re told that Jasmine Trias is going to sing for us.

Oh, joy. *roll eyes* We get an Idol also-ran after the break. Good job, ABC-5 – boost those ratings!

Jasmine sings Inseparable, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Her voice is much stronger this time, a lot less scoopy with its pitches, and a lot less nasal. She lets a little loose but her voice wavers near the high notes. She certainly has improved as far as performance is concerned. Good job, Jazz. She gives a lovely little go-go speech.

We’re introduced to Mel Villena and the Idol band, and it’s his birthday! Hahaha. Happy birthday, you! Then the judges – Francis Magalona, Pilita Corrales, and Ryan Cayabyab.

Ryan tells us Kris Aquino votes for one candidate 80 times. We’re not told who, though. I think it’s Ira because of the Ateneo connection. My wife thinks it’s Pow because ‘she was good, she’s endearing and because I think she gets people excited and wanting to text for her.’ Well, we’ll never know.

We review the judges’ comments again. Ynah, Jeli, Stef. Pow gets cheers. He calls Ynah, Arms, Jeli, Apple, Mau, Pau. These are the top six placers! Wow.

Ynah Pangan is asked to step forward, then Arms Cruz. Arms made it! That’s one for our predictions! :D Yehey!

Jeli Mateo is made to step forward, but she’s made to wait until after the wait. Break. She’s asked if she’s going back to singing. She doesn't have to wait. She makes it. Okay - great looks do pay off.

Apple Chiu is going to the second round. Ooooh. I'm glad, because I liked her voice but not her song choice. I'm sure she'll do better in the Final 12.

Pow Chavez and Mau Marcelo are left onstage. Both cried. Both were praised by the judges. Francis M thinks the people voted for Pow. Pilita chooses Pow too. Ryan chooses Pow too. Mau says it’s up to God. Pow says thanks for the right to sing for you. The people choose Pow Chavez!

The top four guys - Drae Ybanez, Miguel Mendoza, Jan Nieto, and Reymond Sajor – join the top four girls – Pow Chavez, Apple Chiu, Arms Cruz, and Jeli Mateo. Those are your top 8.

Next week, Wildcard round, with only five girls and five boys singing. The names will be announced tomorrow night.