Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Philippine Idol Updates Poll of the Week for 12 Girl Semifinalists

With three days to go before the female Philippine Idol semifinalists take the stage at the SM Megacinema, where a state-of-the-art stage has been built for the Philippine Idol broadcasts, the results of four days of informal voting on Philippine Idol Updates' Poll of the Week has brought in more than 450 votes.

Erika Jill Bautista, the partially deaf Philippine Idol semifinalist, leads the pack with 244 votes. Erika has earned more than a 53% share of total number of votes cast. Second after her is Philippine Idol semifinalist Cherry Chiu, the Spaghetti singer, with 56 votes (12% share). Completing the top 4 are Philippine Idol semifinalist Ira Marasigan (35 votes, 7% share) and Philippine Idol semifinalist Stephanie Lazaro (24 votes, 5% share).

Dark horse Philippine Idol semifinaliststs, according to the Philippine Idol Updates survey, are Philippine Idol semifinalist Maureen Marcelo (17 votes, 3.7% share), Philippine Idol semifinalist Pow (Pau? Paw? We'll confirm the official spelling for voting before Saturday) Chavez (15 votes, 3.3% share), Philippine Idol semifinalist Suey Medina (11 votes, 2.4% share), and Philippine Idol semifinalist Jellica Mateo (10 votes, 2.2% share).

Rounding out the bottom four female Philippine Idol semifinalists are Philippine Idol semifinalist Abigail Blanco (9 votes, 2% share), Philippine Idol semifinalist Armarie Cruz and Philippine Idol semifinalist Christina Otero (4 votes each, 0.9% share), and Philippine Idol semifinalist Rina Lei Pangan, who has not received a single vote.

24 Philippine Idol Updates visitors votes that they haven't found a favorite yet (5% share), one Philippine Idol Updates visitor likes them all, and one Philippine Idol Updates visitors doesn't like any of them (0.2% share).

Please note that this is an informal survey, taken even before we've heard any official notes come out of their talented mouths. It is no indication of popularity on the show.

On behalf of all of us at Philippine Idol Updates, thank you for making us part of your Philippine Idol internet habit. Drop by the Philippine Idol Updates blog for more information, photos, videos and surveys. Thank you very much!