Sunday, September 03, 2006

Philippine Idol results: First Final 4 from the boys

Welcome to the first-ever Philippine Idol results show! Hope they fixed up their technical difficulties.

Ooh, semi-live blogging. I love it.

The boys start out with On the Right Track, and the relatively cheesy song suits their High School Musical setup rather well. This should be interesting.

Ouch, bright lights.

Recap of their performances: Robert, Ken, Joseph, Drae, Gian, Freddie, Reymond, Ramirr, Christian, Onyx, Miguel, and Jan Kurt.

Ryan Agoncillo introduces Heart Evangelista to the tune of Isn’t She Lovely. She is, but the volume control on that electric guitar isn't. Ew. Heart’s mike isn’t working... oh, there it is. Gosh, she's pretty.

Her role: from 8-830PM every night, she will be the contestants' best friend, helping them "get through challenges," get information on personal life and family... in other words, the world's prettiest spy.

We meet Mel Villena, the gentleman leading the band, and then the three judges, yeah, yeah, get on with it.

Ryan asks the judges to name their selections.
Pilita – I like them all! (Yey, Mamita, you're truly useful.)
Francis – Drae, Ramirr, Robert, Gian Carlo.
Ryan – Gian Carlo, Drae, Robert, Ramirr.

The boys are divided into two groups:
Group A
Ken, Freddie, Robert, Onyx, Christian, Joseph

Group B
Ramirr, Reymond, Gian, Jan Kurt, Drae, Miguel

Obviously, Group B has the group of people who’ll make it, and Group A is made to sit down.

Ryan calls Drae Ybanez and Miguel Mendoza to the front. He asks Drae to step forward. He then tells them they've both made it! Wow – the teen vote carries through! Good for you, Miguel. Do better next time, you heard Pilita.

Reymond Sajor and Gian Carlo are asked to step forward. Ryan reminds Reymond his microphone short-circuited. He reminds Gian that he "killed" Footloose. Reymond makes it; Gian does not. Wow – there are shockers in this show!

Finally, Ramirr and Jan Kurt are asked to step forward. April Boy vs. Atenean cutie. Jan Kurt makes it; Ramirr issues a shrug and steps back.

Your first four Philippine Idol finalists: Drae Ybanez, Miguel Mendoza, Reymond Sajor, and Jan Kurt Nieto. (Note: Drae and Jan topped the Philippine Idol Updates poll. Shows you pessimists our poll isn't that stupid after, nyet?)

What happened here? Our interpretation: Gian and Ramirr's fan base - or those who were impressed - simply didn't vote; the same probably happened for Robert, who was an overwhelming favorite of Ryan C's and Francis M's. In Tagalog, kampante. You can never get kampante with this show, guys. You want your bets in, you gotta vote.

See you next week for the girls!