Thursday, September 21, 2006

Join the Growing PI Online Community!

A lot of forums and message boards have arised after the introduction of Philippine Idol and we advise you to visit them to make new like-minded online friends. Here are some of the forums that Philippine Idol Updates recommend.

Pinoy Exchange
* The country's largest online community with over 180,000 members.
* Not just a forum, but a community of people with different interests from Idol fans to movie buffs to philosophers to sports nut and even wiccans.
* Known for having the most opinionated members. Several TV networks read the TV program threads for suggestions from their viewers.
* The Philippine Idol thread has an assortment of members from Idol fanatics to even relatives of certain finalists.

* Since opinions flow freely in PEX, debates and arguments sometimes get ugly (especially at the Local Movies and TV section).
* Use of avatar is limited to its old members (from 1999 to 2002).
* Use of signature is not allowed.

Official Philippine Idol Forum
* Being an official forum, several ABC staffers read some of the comments for their input about the show.
* Very, very active
* Use of avatars and signatures allowed.

* Mods are not strict at all, so personal arguments tend to flow freely.

Philippine-Idol Forums
* The site itself (particularly the chatbox) is very active.

* Ironically, the forum is not much active.
* The site is often mistaken as the official site because of the title's similarity to Philippine Idol.
* Some spam/ ad messages spotted.

The Digital Pinoy
* Not only you could post messages on their forums, but you could also download OPMs for free (they use DPhp as currency, which accumulate as you post in the forum). Also available in Linkshare are the downloads (mp3s and some videos) for Philippine Idol.
* Use of avatar and signature is allowed.
* Interact with Filipinos all over the world.
* Users are never banned, just sanctioned.

* Philippine Idol thread (found at the Moves and TV section) is a little active, since most of its members are into computer gaming.
* A ridiculous thread rating (what is it for anyway?)

Idol Media Files
* A community site featuring downloads (mp3s, videos, photos) from several Idol programs.
* Answer daily poll questions.

* Messaging is all related to the downloads, not much argument or debate about the shows.
* An forum on everything Idol! Get to know what is happening at other Idol franchises worldwide.
* Download a variety of Idol-related video clips and mp3s provided by its members.
* The most international forum in the list.
* Use of avatar and signature allowed. You can even ask to have a custom-made signature.

* The ads and contextual links can be annoying at first.

Of course, drop by Philippine Idol Updates for the latest in everything Philippine Idol!