Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yova Wins Kakaibang Idol! Other Issues Rose!

Congratulations to Kenneth Paul "Yova" Alonzo for winning "Kakaibang Idol" (A Different Kind of Idol) last Sunday. That's the power of being the last person to perform, but nonetheless Yova's performance was a standout.

Also standouts were performances of Shane Romulo, Jhona Sison, and Lalaine Enriquez. During the results show, the seven candidates for Kakaibang Idol sang "We are the World" and was joined by some of fellow Gold Passers who served as chorus. Boy, Jhona can really hit the high notes. (Makes me wish that she and Yova become part of Top 24; oh well, it's the judges' decision).

Several issues were raised after the results show and I would like to address them one by one:

* Although Leonard Ocampo, the "lucky charms" guy, was among the three contestant that were called, Ryan A did not say whether they were actually the Top 3. For all we know, the "actual" Top 3 could have been different, but we would never know (until a few weeks or so).

* I wonder what Yova received aside from a glass trophy. Was there an unnannounced cash prize? (Idol franchises are not allowed to mention money, that is why the P1 million prize for the winner is never announced) And what upcoming projects offered to Yova? Let's hope it would become a success.

* The Philippine Idol judges, especially Francis and Mamita, should learn a thing or two from Arnell Ignacio and Tuesday Vargas. These singers/ comedians have always something new whenever they comment, not the usual one-word and "I like your performance" comments we are trying to get used to. Actually, Pinoy Exchange has a poll on its Philippine Idol poll whether Arnell and Tuesday should replace Francis and Mamita. So far, the "yes" are leading. But, reality bites, Francis and Mamita are there for the whole duration of the show (as well as its upcoming seasons), so we could all hope that they critique contestants better because if they don't, the viewers would not listen to them at all.

* There seems to be a rift between Maureen and Jelli. Don't you just feel the tension between them whenever they answer about the issue about "beauty versus talent"?

MAU: May mga nakapasok na ganda lang ang puhunan...
JELLI: I've paid my way through college because of singing. Hindi naman siguro ganda lang ang dahilan kung bakit may trabaho ako.

* Is Gian's relationship with Aiza Marquez on the rocks? We have received reports that a couple who looked like Gian and Ira were spotted dining at Pizza Hut Bistro at Gateway Mall during the height of Philippine Idol's semi-finals. Maybe it was just a friendly date.

* And it seemed that Ira has become the darling among the guys of Philippine Idol. Not only was Gian seemed to be interested at her, but Ken as well. He even "begged" Gian during the live chit-chat at the Kakaibang Idol results show to just give Ira to him.

Hmmm...This show is getting more interesting, and I can't wait for the Top 12 Eliminations this Saturday. There were conflicting reports as to what the theme is: it could be either all-OPM, or "Songs that you'd like to dedicate to someone," or even a combination of both.

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