Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kakaibang Idols!

My apologies for the delay of updates. My offline life has become busier than usual, aside from the fact that my dial-up connection was down...again.

Philippine Idol created a special presentation for this weekend just to give the Final 12 their much-deserved rest. "Kakaibang Idol" features seven of the most memorable auditioneers of this season. Some were rejected, others received Gold Passes, and one even made it to the Top 40.

And since this is a special presentation, the contestants deserve a special set of judges: comedians Ethel Booba, Arnel Ignacio, and Tuesday Vargas.

Anime Girl Jhonalene Sison was first to perform. If is always not easy to sing first in the competition and it reflected in her rendition of the Voltes V theme. Even so, she gave out her best to which she received a thunderous applause. Her performance, like in most proceeding presentations, have back-up dancers.

When the judges commented on Jhona's costume, it seemed that she did not take it well enough. The smile from her face was erased. But overall, we love the performance.

If you want Jhona to win, text JHONA to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

Next up is John Jerico "Jeck" Perrey, the guy who taught the judges (and Ryan A. as well) to dance the hula. I thought his performance would be serious all throughout with his rendition of "Broken Vow." Boy, I was so wrong. During instrumental, the music suddenly became Hawaiian and the dancers stripped off his coat to reveal a hula shirt complete with a lei hanging on his neck. Jeck and his dancers hula'd their way to the judges' delight.

If you liked Jeck's hula, text JECK to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

The girl who sang "Babae Po Ako" during auditions was third to perform. Lalaine Enriquez entertained the audience with a performance that was at par with Tuesday's original rendition, to which she congratulated Lalaine. Arnel told her that the theater community would definitely welcome her.

If you think Lalaine is the one, text LALAINE to 2339 untl 8:30 p.m. tonight.

After the break, we saw Leonard Ocampo do a sing-and-dance performance of his audition piece "Sumayaw Sumunod," of course with more trenchcoat-wearing dancers. If you may remember, he considered his trenchcoat (as well as the Piglett doll hanging with it) his lucky charm.

Do you think Leonard's luck is on his side, text LEONARD to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

Shane Romulo's performance of "Huwag Mo Akong Ligawan (Kuya Huwag Po)" was the most hilarious in my opinion. She was dressed as a maid, with musical director Mel Villena acting as her "Kuya." We all know that the song is funny, but her performance was even funnier. How would you sing while scrubbing floors and ironing clothes?

She even shared a joke with the audience (with permission from MTRCB Chairwoman Laguardia, who was present at the Philippine Idol Stage) that "kung malaki ang 'su,' malaki ang 'pe.'" Kung malaki ang sugat, malaki ang peklat.

If your bones got tickled by Shane, text SHANE to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

Oh no! It's the Mystica guy! Winjohn Dacay totally shocked the judges during his audition with his splits while singing "Joyful Joyful." Yesterday he was at it again, but his splits were lesser because he suffered an injury while doing a showdown with the original Mystica at I Love Philippine Idol.

If you like the splits, text JOHN to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

Finally, the diva had arrived! Yova Alonzo was last to perform with his rendition of Whitney Houston's "Why Does It Hurt So Bad." Pitch problems aside, I think he carried it superbly. Even the judges agreed with me.

If you think Yova should have been in the Top 24, text YOVA to 2339 until 8:30 p.m. tonight.

The show ended with a medley of performances. Pilita Corrales, with Ryan C on the piano, sang "Thank You for the Music," while Francis M and the rest of the Top 12 performed The Dawn's "Salamat." And, as usual, Miguel was off-key and Ken is still sick. At least Jelli improved a bit.

N. B.: The theme for the Top 12 Performance Night would be all-OPM.