Monday, October 02, 2006

Idol's First Non-Elimination

Wow! That was a surprise!

Last Sunday's Result Show ended with no one getting eliminated, probably the first time in Idol franchise history. Host Ryan Agoncillo explained that due to the problems encountered during voting, aggravated by the recent typhoon Milenyo toppling power lines in the Metro and disabling mobile phone signals, the producers at Fremantle decided to eliminate no one. However, the votes will be carried over next week and two contestants will be eliminated next Sunday.

There were several surprising events experienced during the braodcast of the Result Show. For one, it aired at an earlier time of 8:30 p.m. since the first games of Philippine Basketball Association ended way earlier than expected (but I guess the 30-minute cushion is being used just in case they have overtimes and injury timeouts), thereby confusing some of the viewers.

Another shocker was when the three contestants remained on stage were Jelli, Armarie, and Mau--with Jelli being called safe first. Armarie and Mau embraced each other crying, with Arms telling the viewers that Mau deserved the contest more, while Mau (frank that she is) exclaimed, "Bakit ako na naman ang huli?!"

However, we have to clear out that Jelli, Armarie, and Mau were not necessarily THE Bottom 3. Ryan A did not say anything about them having the lowest votes. The producers probably decided not to reveal the real Bottom 3 to avoid trending (with fans voting doubly hard to save their bets who would have been in the bubble, making it more unfair).

And because a lot of viewers did not watch last week's episodes, ABC-5 was gracious enough to broadcast the replays of both the Performance Night and Results Show this Thursday, October 5, starting at 7:00 p.m.